Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guy Time

Eóin loves spending time with his dad! When Jonathan talks to him he is wide awake listening. It is so cute to watch them together!

We did go to the hospital yesterday and everything looked pretty good. He gained two ounces and the nurse didn't think we needed to pursue treatment for the jaundice so that was a praise. He is eating very well and sleeping pretty well at night - we really couldn't ask for more.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Although, they did make Rob a little wistful for a new baby....he loves falling asleep with them. We could still do it, but they get wigglier as they age.... (Okay, I posted. Can I hold the baby now?)


The Harrisons said...

Okay, I guess you can hold him now. :-) Just make sure you wash your hands first!

Anonymous said...

And I was planning to expose him to malaria early......thanks for ruining my evil plot :)