Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spaghetti Amnesia: A Cautionary Tale

Tonight was literacy night at Eóin's school and we did not get home until later than our normal dinner time. So I thought to myself, "self - tonight would be a great spaghetti night. It's fast and easy." Really - what's not to love about spaghetti? There are only three steps:
1. Cook spaghetti
2. Brown ground beef
3. Crack open jar of sauce and mix with beef
Then you can sit, and have a hassle free dinner and move on with your evening.

This is where the amnesia comes into play. That is actually all you remember about making spaghetti, but those memories are from the years before your littles arrived. In reality, making and eating spaghetti with three children is more like this:
1. Boil water. The amount of time it takes said water to boil is directly proportionate to how quickly you actually need it to boil. For example, I have starving whining children so it will take at least 20 minutes before I see a solitary bubble.
2. Add spaghetti. Forget to set timer to ensure overcooked soggy state.
3. Turn on pan for meat.
4. Answer more inquiries on when dinner will be ready and forget to add meat to the pan.
5. When there is sufficient smoke as to remind you there is nothing in the pan, add meat and brown.
6. Crack open and add sauce to meat. (Thank goodness this step is still easy).

Ok - dinner is made. If you are feeling extra home-makery you can even do garlic bread simultaneously. Now for the sitting and enjoying. But wait - there's more.

Serve up meal on plates remembering who does and does not like it cut in advance.
Catch smallest child stealing bread in hunger thus beginning her life of crime.
Sit down.
Get up to get drinks which you forgot to pour.
Remind smallest child to eat with a fork, not her fist.
Tell oldest child he needs to eat 15 more bites before more bread.
Notice smallest child is hidden under layers of sauce so give her a cloth to wipe her face,
Notice smallest child is nowhere to be seen.
Find her under the table cleaning the floor with her face cloth.
Reposition smallest child at table and manage to eat rest of meal while ignoring the carnage.
Chase smallest child before she touches anything and place in bath, but not before a desperate attempt to get a picture of her messy state. (see video of fail).

How do I always forget that spaghetti is NOT an easy meal!!!!!????! The jar lies to you, parents. Just crack open and dinner is served? Not so much :-) I just sat down at 9pm!

Warning to future self - next time the hour is late and the littles are hungry, two words for you - FROZEN PIZZA. Two steps
1. Open Box
2. Cook pizza

....or is it?

Trying to get a pic of her messiness - even that is not as easy as it sounds!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Children: A Dark Place

Dear Eoin, Aidan and Molly.

Yesterday, in church, Troy was talking about growing spiritually and at one point used a butterfly as an example of how you can still be the same person and yet completely transformed by the Holy Spirit's power. He said that a caterpillar and a butterfly (the same one) have the exact same DNA but look how different they are! One a gross, squirmy thing, and the other a beautiful creature - who can fly which is extra cool :-)

I started to think about what that caterpillar has to do to be changed into a butterfly. He doesn't just crawl along until one day "ta-da" he is a butterfly. No - that caterpillar has to enter his cocoon, all by himself, wrapped up tightly, in a dark place. It's while he is in that place where nobody else can see him that the transformation takes place. No one else can touch him or help him. The only person who sees what's going on in there is his creator. God know exactly what is happening in there and the amazing results that will come out of it.

Some day, there will come a time when you will enter a dark place. I think everyone does. Some day, you will have a problem and you may feel all alone, like no one else can help you - not even Mommy. It may seem like a dark place of isolation. I dread the day I can't help you with your problems, but I know that day will come. My job now, is to teach you that there is only one person who can truly see you at all times and help you through any problem - God. My job is to show you that when the dark place comes, that God can see you there even when no one else can.

When you find yourself in a dark place, know that He can see you and He knows the changes this place can bring. Instead of despairing, dream of what color your wings will be! 

Psalm 94:19 "When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul"

Friday, April 05, 2013

Remember the Benefits

I'm back in a blogging mood apparently :-) I've been wanting to write a little more about what I have been learning from God

Today I read these verses in Psalm 103. They are very familiar, but as I took the time to reflect on each one individually, I was so refreshed, I thought I would share them on here too.

Psalm 103:2-5

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,

  • who forgives all your iniquity
  • who heals all your diseases
  • who redeems your life from the pit,
  • who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy
  • who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's
I love the picture of being crowned with steadfast love and mercy. No matter if it's a sweatpants and t-shirt, baby has been up all night and I haven't had time to shower in 2 days kind of morning, when I am CROWNED with such things, I'm a beauty queen, man! 

Glad I took the time to forget not these things today :-)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dear Molly : "The Fit"

It all seemed fine when we walked into Walmart today and you said you wanted to walk. You walk with me in the store all the time, and generally do a great job. Even today, you stayed right by me and even pointed out "pretty" clothes while I was looking for jammies that didn't squash your toes.  Since all was going well and we had some extra time, I decided you guys could look around in the toy section for a while. You did a great job looking at things and moving on when we went to look at something else.
Then we got to the pink aisles. You saw all those dolls and shouted "babies" at the top of your lungs and spent the next 20 minutes having a great time looking at all the babies :-) We had a slight moment of confusion when a lady decided to buy one of the babies you tucked into bed and you tried to take it back from her. You kept asking me "where baby go?" I hope she went to as good a mommy as you are to your babies :-)
little girl heaven

Then it was time to leave. When I said it was time to go you thought it would be hilarious to plop down on the floor and since my hands were full of coats and stuff to buy, I couldn't come get you. You had a cheeky grin on but when I pretended to keep going (despite Aidan's freaking out that I was "leaving you") you got up and walked after me with THE TINIEST STEPS IN THE WORLD!
I managed to get all my stuff under one arm so I could hold your hand when you went all limp noodle on me. So. Not. OK.  I tried to use my foot under your bum to scoot you up to standing position and pretty sure I was getting some great looks from people at that point. You flopped on the ground and when I bent over to get you, you started scooting backwards on your belly while balling your eyes out like I was a deranged kidnapper out to get you. At this moment, I dropped half the stuff I was trying to carry. My hair was turning more gray by the second.
I finally got you up and we went into an empty side aisle for a little "chat" (with your backside). Ok - everything picked up, you had stopped crying and we were ready to go. For about ten feet. Then you started again. Finally I picked you up in front of all the stuff I already had. I know I looked ridiculous at this point. You were not too happy about his new uncomfortable position but at least by the time we got to the checkout you were calm again.
Sweet girl, when you look back at pictures of yourself as a baby, you look like a little cutie angel girl.  And you are so adorable, but also a little Dennis the Menace in pigtails! Also remember, I have a good 13 years to think of a good revenge for embarrassing you as a teenager and when you ask me why I would ever do such a thing, I shall hand you this post ;-)  Just kidding, but at least when you come to me with a crazy, fit throwing toddler, I can at least let you know you are not alone :-)