Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Behind" the scenes...

Here are some pics of Eóin just being at home...I was having fun on iphoto with them :-)

Daniel Comes to Visit

I've been watching a little boy named Daniel this week for a few days. Eóin really enjoys having someone to play with. Daniel on the other hand is a but scared of Eóin which is pretty funny. Daniel runs away from Eóin and Eóin thinks they are playing chasing! Here are some pics of the boys playing together. They are watching sesame street while eating their snacks...Eóin is glued!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

11 months Old

I can't believe that Eóin is nearly one! It seems that every day he develops a new skill and is quickly turning into a little boy and not my little baby anymore! These days he loves to put things where they belong. He puts his toys in the toy bucket and the lid on his bottle and the rings on the ring holder thing (whatever you call that :-) He is always so proud of himself when he does it! He is also learning to give and take - he thinks giving me things is so funny :-) I am having so much fun with him.  One of the highlights of his week is when the garbage truck comes by. It is big and red and he watches it out the window until it is out of sight! The garbage men always wave to him now and honk the horn on the truck.
Here are some pictures that Aunty Cara took while they were visiting at Christmas. We went to the kids play area at the mall and Eóin had great fun walking around with Grandpa (He even puts money in the machines - not like cheapo mammy and daddy ;)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Last one of the trains

Wow - you really don't have a lot of room on these posts! Sorry - you have to go down to posts to get to the beginning of this saga!

Okay so to justify why I am laughing at my crying child, I really thought he would like it and it was just so funny that instead he was terrified of it :-) I did try to cuddle him though!

More Choo-Choo

Cool train driving by our table (not the one that delivers food - just for show)

Our food being delievered

Another table's food being delivered


Tonight, we decided to take Eóin to Fritz's Railroad Restaurant for dinner. The idea behind the restaurant is pretty cool. You order your food on a phone and then a train delivers it to you. (The food was not so great, unfortunately). We thought that if Eóin did not like it at least he would find it interesting. Well...he was not impressed! Every time the train came out, he balled!!! It was so funny - he looked horrified at first. It got better each time though and by the time he left he would just watch the train (my sharing my fries helped too). Here are some pics and video. We took them on our phone so the quality is not so good but still funny. It was not worth putting in the effort of making a slideshow so it's just a long post :-)

Train-driver daddy!

Train-driver Mammy (with some poofy hair!)
Train-driver Eóin (not too impressed!)

Daddy ordering our food

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Human Tsunami

I (Karen) have gladly handed bath time over to daddy for a few reasons.

1 - By the end of the day , my back is already broken from walking around with Eóin
2 - Daddy prefers bath time to clean the kitchen after dinner time
3 - Eóin loves spending time with daddy
4 - Anyone within a ten foot radius of the tub gets DRENCHED!

It's so cute to watch him splash around though, and at the end of bath time while the water is draining daddy lets Eóin try to "catch" the water. It is so funny!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Here comes trouble

Yesterday, Eóin officially started walking. He had taken one or two steps before but yesterday and today he has been really moving it! He is getting braver which means I am on my toes because although he can walk, he is not quite sure on the stopping, sitting down part. Yesterday he fell smack into my leg as I was taping him and split his lip - poor chicky. He didn't want to be held though. The only thing that would make him feel better was walking some more :-) Here are the few clips we were able to get on camera :-)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

Wow - I am totally behind on every thing. I have been all year (ha ha the whole 4 days of it!). Here are some pics from our new year's celebration. I was planning on adding music but I forgot that when our harddrive died so did all our music! Oh well. We had a fondue/appetizer night - it was great. Eóin went to town on the angel food cake :-) Then we had a game of scrabble. Jonathan won - big surprise...