Friday, December 30, 2011

More Christmas Fun!

No wonder Eóin starts to ask when Christmas is in April - what a lot of fun things to do!

Candy Canes waiting in line to see the holiday express

Such a good girl while we were waiting!

Not so sure about the helper elves!

checking it out from the outside

10 points if you can spot Eóin. They put a tall kid in front of him at the last minute!
 He did a great job singing though!

Picking out some Teddy Bears to send to the Teddy Bear Brigade.

Christmas Activities

Wow - so many pics, so little time! I am determined to get caught up before New Year's Day though :-) Here are a couple of fun things we did leading up to Christmas day. Might have to do this in two posts!

hot chocolate to warm us up after playing outside on a cold day! (Eóin doesn't like it)

driving to see the lights on Jingle Bell Drive in our jammies :-)

my favorite light display - the grinch :-)

Christmas Playland at Crown Center (I took all three by myself and the boys were very good!)

they love slides of any kind!

Visiting with Santa. This was the first year they actually wanted to say hi. 
Eóin asked for a train and Aidan asked for chocolate :-)

A trip to Fritz's for some fries just to watch the train bring them to us.

More Christmas pics to come...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Molly - 4 month update

So even though Molly is almost 5 months now, I thought I would post her 4 month stats for remembering later on. At her checkup she was 12lbs (35%), 24 2/4 inches (75%) and her head was in the 80%.

She is just such a joy! She always has a smile pretty much whenever I look at her, and she especially loves when the boys talk and play with her. She rolls from back to front and almost can roll the other way but she doesn't like to be on her tummy so she doesn't have much motivation :-)

When she wants attention she will fake cough to get you to look at her and then have a big smile when you actually look her direction. She has been a right chatterbox lately which is just so cute! She loves baths - she has moved to the big tub now where she has lots of room to kick and splash.

Probably her favorite thing to do is dance around - always gets big grins and silent giggles (she rarely laughs out loud, in fact you can only tell she is laughing by the big breaths she takes in between her silent laughs :-) )

I am loving dressing her in girly clothes and bows and totally loving having a little girl :-)

4 months pic :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Harrison Christmas Fail

Eóin was sooooooo excited to put up our Christmas tree! He has been asking me since June when Christmas will be here. During the day, I let them put up the little tree Grandma got for their room and then in the evening when daddy was home, we put up the big one. It was funny to have Aidan "helping." It seems like he has like 8 arms at time like this. He would pick up ornaments faster than we could help him and they were going everywhere! The bottom of our tree just had ornaments shoved in it but he was trying, bless him :-) It's still a bit messy - one of these days I will get around to fixing it. The fail part came when I decided to wait to turn on the lights until it was decorated so we could have a big reveal. It is a pre-lit tree so I thought I had it all plugged together right. Wellllll....not exactly - so our big reveal was a bit funny, but daddy got it fixed and all was well again :-)

How Aidan decorates

Aidan will love this one when he grows up...

taking the tree out

could not be more excited!

Aidan was ready to chop it down :)

just a little messy :-)


Thanksgiving 2011

A few days after my mam left for home, we headed on our long trip to Indiana for thanksgiving. The kids did a fabulous job in the van for what turned out to be a 15 hour trip. We added an hour because 1/2 hour into the trip I realized we had forgotten Molly's bed so we had to turn around to get it - oops :-) The boys were asleep when we got there but woke up as we brought them inside and boy were they awake. It took quite a while to get them to simmer down and the worst part was it was 3am and we were soooo tired! Good thing they just hopped right out of bed and ran out to see everyone in the morning. Not shy at all so I could stay in bed - yay :-)
We really enjoyed catching up with everyone and of course enjoying all the fab food! The boys just loved having so many people to play with and Molly was pretty much glued to grandpa :-) We stayed an extra day and even got to have a date thanks to Lori, Katie and Erinn watching the kids for us.
The trip home was also super long and Molly was DONE travelling but not too bad really. The really great thing was that Aidan kept his pull ups dry during both trips! yay :-) Here are some pics from the trip (the rest are on facebook).

(ice-cream break on the way :-)

making turkey cookies

So much fun with Granny

We LOVED having my mam here for the month of November. Since her two week visits always seemed to fly by, we decided to make this one 4 weeks long and we are sooo glad we did! The kids really enjoyed getting to know her. Even though we didn't do a whole lot of activities, we had fun just being together and the kids wore us out so much, all we wanted to do at night was chill with some apples and caramel dip :-)

Some things we did get to do were trick or treating at the zoo, carve pumpkins, go to the Passion Awards, go to the Women of Faith conference, see the opening of the Christmas trains at Union Station and lots of eating out :-) We also got to have some photos taken by Bethany Thompson so we have some really nice ones of Granny with the kids. So thankful for our time together :-)

Soooo far behind!

Okay so these last few months have been soo busy. Obviously blogging has not been a top priority, but I'd like to get everything caught up so looking back I can have something to look at to remember these fun times we've been having :-) I also have a few book reviews to add so be prepared for an onslaught of blog posts :-) Here we go!!!!