Monday, August 24, 2009


Here is a pic of Eóin and Aidan wearing the same outfit. They look so alike yet so different at the same time :-)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got Jonathan a sailing lesson for his birthday in April and we finally we able to go two weeks ago. Unfortunately I forgot the camera so these pics are just off our phone which also ran out of memory! Oh well :-) Jonathan loved it and I loved the peace and quiet except for the teacher who pretty much taught the whole time. But no screaming babies and right now that's all I require for me to relax :-)

Rigging up the sail (ha ha I have no idea if that is how you say it - I am a bad student)

Jonathan loving it

Wo-hoo we got it up (ok they did - I just sat there)

Steering (which I was doing while they were hoisting the sail - harder than you might think!)

I took a pic of me holding some rigging as proof I did a little bit of work :-)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Interview with Aidan

So I asked Aidan what it was like to be 2 months old. Here's his reply :-)

2 Months Old!

Yesterday, Aidan turned two months old. Time is just flying by with this little kiddo! He is such a happy baby and we are enjoying watching his personality start to develop. He is a social little creature. He loves to be with people and is not happy if Eóin and I leave him by himself in a room. He loves to stretch out on the floor and kick and wiggle. He already pushes off his legs and inches around in a circle. He LOVES to be talked to and is gets really excited about finding his voice and talking back. (I'll put a video up of it) He also loves to watch Eóin play - although it's hard to watch someone who is there one second and gone just a quickly!

He is really growing - lovely chubby cheeks to kiss :-) We have a doc app. on Thursday so I will post his stats then. He is losing his baby hair now but his eyes have stayed a really dark blue so far - I hope they stay that way - they are so gorgeous!
Here are some pics to compare the day we brought him home with today :-)

2 days old

2 months old

2 babies?

Eóin has been such a great kid these last few weeks as he gets used to not being the only kid on the block. It has been funny to see how he copes when we are busy with the baby. Curious George has become a very important member of the family. Whenever we are doing something with Aidan, Eóin gets George and takes care of him too. It's so cute! In fact now even when we are not doing something with Aidan, Eóin is putting George down for a nap, or giving him tummy time or burping him :-) Here are some pics of our other "baby"

feeding george (with his sippy cup)
taking a nap in Aidan's bed
I got out of the shower to find George in the swing with Aidan