Friday, September 28, 2007

Out for a Spin

Last night we decided to go the mall just for a walk and change of pace. We stopped off at the kiddie play area for a while and let Eóin go for a drive (it's great when they are so small they don't realize you didn't put money it so they're not going anywhere - ha ha). Eóin loves cars. He loves to watch them when we go out for walks. He loves to spin the wheels on his toy tractor and everytime a car goes by on our street he stops what he is doing and looks toward the window! It was getting close to bed time here though - hence the blank stares :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back in Time

Today we went back to the renaissance! Okay - it was just Renaissance Fest but it was cool!!! There was tons of music and people dressed up in costumes (even people who were not actually working there). We had a great time! Eóin did well for most of the day but got kinda tired at the end. We saw a joust to the death. We had to be on the bad guys side but of course he died and the Irish guy won! We had our camera on the wrong setting most of the day so most of our pics are blurry but you get the picture :-)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

26 years and 7 months

What a momentous weekend :-) I turned 26 and Eóin turned 7 months. We had a fun time on Friday - Jonathan worked from home and during his lunch took a walk with us. The funny thing about our walk was that we found a nukey/su-su/pacifier that Eóin had thrown out of his stroller earlier in the week! One run through the dishwasher and it was good as new! We went to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner and I got a free brownie sundae.

It's been a big year in my life. From giving birth to moving home it's been a pretty busy time. God has been very good to me this year. I have learned a lot of things. I have learned that one of my favorite sounds is a little ba-ba-ba coming from Eóin's room in the morning (depending on how early it is:). I am learning to be content in whatever position God puts me in and no matter what I have, there is always enough to give to others. I am learning that I love my husband more and more every time I see him playing with our son. And so much more but you don't need a novel :)

Eóin has had a very busy month. He has learned to say ba-ba and ga-ga and all kinds of combinations of the two. He sits and practices them and it's so cute to listen to. He loves for us to hold him so that he can "walk" around - especially if we are kicking a ball around! He has tried lots of different foods and only turned down green beans (but they are back on the menu this week). He can play peek-a-boo and actually understand what he's doing. He loves to "hide" with mammy under blankets and burpy cloths and whatever else we can put over our head. He has had his first visit to the doctor for being sick - not a fun first. And my favourite new first is that he learned how to give kisses (or actually gum our faces and get us totally covered in slobber!)

Here are some pictures of our big 7 month old!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing Outside

Today the weather was so beautiful, that Eóin and I decided to go outside onto the back porch to play for a while. We had great fun. I tried to get myself in one picture but wasn't very succesful. Eóin decided to grab my hair right as the camera went off. I put some better pics of us underneath:)

You can see his poor little red eyes and yucky nose in some pics. Please pray he gets better soon! His medicine had to be special ordered and we should be getting it today - hurray!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Stuff Galore!

Here are some pictures of Jayce coming to visit for a few hours one day this week. As you can see, he was more excited about it than Eóin - ha ha - I love this picture.

I love Eóin's face here - "Mammy you caught me right as I was about to pull his hair!" Which he did - I had to put the camera down real quick to rescue Jayce's head :-)

Aw - just thought this was a cute grin.

This is Eóin practices his "ba" sounds :) He was talking away to the ceiling fan! What a goof ball!!