Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Couple of Videos

So for a while now, Eóin has been super good at going to bed. He realizes now that he has no say in the matter so better just go to sleep. The other day I put him down and it was nice and quiet for about 15 minutes so I thought he was asleep. Then I hear little squeaks coming from his room so I went to investigate...

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My son finds the weirdest things funny!

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That's not what the belt meant when I was little ;)


The Litwillers said...

He has the most adorable laugh!!! And I just love it when they decide to change their schedules. In Matthew's case, his morning and afternoon naps slowly merged into one big afternoon nap, which he still takes, so that's been a blessing!

And maybe he'll sleep longer at night if he naps less....always a silver lining!!

The Harrisons said...

Actually he has been sleeping for 11 hours at night since he was about 2 months old. He did go to sleep shortly after I went in though - He just likes to be goofy :)

The Litwillers said...

WHAT!!!! Eleven hours a night since two months old!!!

May your next child sleep like Matthew did...not through the night until 18 months!!!!

(Okay, I recind the curse...even I'm not that mean..)

Good grief...I'm lucky if the boys sleep 10 hours straight at night.....

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to hear him laugh, it is so contagious. Glad to see he has settled in so nicely.

Thanks for the many hours of happy viewing.

Love Always
Granny C