Monday, August 27, 2007

New Life Baptisms

We had a wonderful day on Sunday. Fifteen people were baptized! It was so exciting :-) After our "pool party", we went to a nearby (or not so nearby when it's 95ish degrees and your pushing a stroller) park to have a picnic. There was an airshow going on that day too so it was a great day all around!

Here is a little video Jonathan put together of the baptisms.


Jason Harrison said...

I like the song.

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious. What a beautiful day for the Church. It is so exciting to see. Thanks for sharing.

Granny C.

David & Casey said...

Okay, I'm a little behind, this was posted a bit ago. But thank you for sharing the video with us. What a blessing it is to see people obedient to God! David had the wonderful blessing of baptizing 11 people not to long ago. Thank you again for sharing!