Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Tree and Prayer Request

Well after only 4 days sitting in our living room naked, I finally clothed our Christmas tree with it's seasonal attire :-)I put some pics below.
On a sadder note, please keep Eoin in prayer. We went to the doctor today and found out he has both an ear infection and RSV (a respitory virus). After taking a breathing treatment at the doctors office which he screamed the entire way through, the doctor decided to let us treat it at home instead of being hospitalized which was a huge praise! Right now we are all going on 72 hours of little to no sleep due to fever and coughing spasms. He is totally miserable so please pray that he will heal quickly.
Eoin has a few new tricks up his sleeve that we will try to get on video soon. He has been standing by himself for longer and longer periods lately which is so much fun to watch. Also Aisling gave us a toy that he can push around to practice his walking so I'll work on those vids as soon as he gets off my lap again. He has been a permanent fixture there the last two days!


grandma H said...

Poor little guy! I will be praying for all of you!!! Your tree looks beautiful by the you, wish I was there to help! mom

Granny C. said...

Eoin looks so well in the pict. Never know he was a sick little guy. Praying for you.
Tree is beautiful.

Granny C.

Jon and Lacey said...

The TREE was the naked one, right??? :)

Poor Eoin. Taylor isn't feeling well either. When babies are sick their momma's lives stop - I know all about it. I'll pray for you!


Ice-Family said...

Will be praying for Eoin. RSV is not something to fool with that's for sure. Glad though that you can treat him at home. will pray that he gets better soon!

Your tree looks very pretty! And glad to here it was the tree that stood naked in the living room and nothing/no one else!! :) ha!

MommaHarms said...

Aw, poor little guy! We will definately be praying for hiM!

Mommy Scroggie said...

Awe Karen, I know just how rough that is to deal with RSV. We will keep you in prayers. I am hoping he is doing better by this time. I am incredibly behind - I have no time for anything anymore.