Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First Trip to the ER

Well...I guess it was bound to happen one day - I was just hoping it would not be quite so soon. Today, Eóin was toddling around great, going back and forth between me and the piano. On one of his rounds, he tripped and landed smack into the corner of the piano bench. He was screaming as I was watching a huge egg shape appear on the side of his head. After almost fainting, I called the doctor and Jonathan and off we went to the Emergency Room. Eóin was pretty happy because he got to play with crayons which he loves :-) He had to have a cat scan - the room was really nicely decorated for kids and had cool lights shining on the machine. Jonathan and I had spinny toys that lit up to keep Eóin's attention so he would lie still. He really did great! There was no fracture of the skull so we are home - just need to keep an eye on him and wake him during the night a few times to make sure he is okay. Then we will go the our regular doctor for a checkup in a few days. Please pray he heals quickly - he is ready to be back walking again - but mammy is not quite ready to let him go again! Here are some pics from the hospital that we took on our phone.
Eóin's Owie - this bump has gone down quite a bit since it first popped up!
Coloring in the waiting area
Waiting for the doc - so sad that they have to make baby hospital gowns!
Still wants to walk though - nothing can stop him :-)

One more thing that came from this event. We were sitting on the couch giving him a bottle before bed and he found the ice-pack I had been using earlier...he knew just what to do with it - He picked it up and put it on his was so funny that he remembered it!


The Litwillers said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of boys! By the time they're two and do something like that, you'll be telling them to shake it off and go play.

And yes, it is sad to see baby hospital gowns. Matthew had surgery at 3 weeks old and his gown swallowed him up! They eventually just left him in a diaper, wrapped in a blanket.

Casey said...

aawww...poor Eion! :( Glad to hear nothing seriously wrong. Very cute picture in his hospital gown!

James & Aisling said...

That's awful Karen. I am sure you got such a fright!

Ice-Family said...

Yikes!! Very scary I'm sure. Right when I saw the title of your post I thought, 'I wonder if she got fainty!!??' And as i read on my question was answered. Glad everything seems to be okay!

MommaHarms said...

Awww! poor little guy and poor mommy! Glad everything came out ok in the end!