Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well,Eoin and I arrived in Ireland safe and sound. The flights went better than I expected although they were still very long and we were exhausted. Eoin is having a great time showing off and getting lots of attention. We thought we wore him out when he went to bed last night. Then at about midnight he woke up WIDE awake! Sandra (my sister) took him downstairs to play for a while and then he talked himself to sleep later. We got up at ten this morning - sooo nice! It was a beautiful day today and we spent most of it in the back yard with my cousins running around :-) Hopefully Eoin will make it through the night tonight. He was totally worn out when I put him down. Here are some pics off our trip so far -


grandma h said...

Looks like he is having a wonderful time! So glad your family is getting to know him!!

Jon and Lacey said...

Wow, and I thought flying to jersey was bad, I can't imagine packing for a flight to Ireland! So glad you guys are having a good time! Love the pics - looks like it is just gorgeous there! I'm sure you'll come back with your accent really strong. :) I just got back from jersey and my accent is "full force," so I've been told. haha. Have a great trip!