Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Fun/Eóin update

I just realized what a slacker I have been lately about pics/videos/ and updates :-) So here are a few summer pics from the last two days. Yesterday we made homemade play-doh, and today we spent ages just out in the paddling pool. Eóin is such a water baby. We discovered a pretty inexpensive water park near us and went there twice this week. Eóin LOVES it (and I love it because he is so worn out afterwards).

I really need to start video taping Eóin talking soon. He learns new words every day it seems. Today he was singing along with the MacDonalds add (ba ba ba ba ba) it was so funny! I really need to watch what is on tv when he is around. He even picks up when people are laughing on tv and laughs along with them. The other night I was watching Family Fued and someone gave a dumb answer so I said "what?" and Eóin started saying "what, what, what." Such a parrot! His favorite words are probably "please", "he-woe" (how he says hello), "bye-bye", and today's word of the day is "YES". He is starting to use "uh-oh" as an excuse for throwing things - pretending he drops them, and I really have to watch that I don't laugh but it's so cute! Anyway - there is so much more, like letters and counting we have been working on, but I'll just try to get them on tape - it is much more interesting to hear than to read me blabbing on :-) Enjoy the pics


grandma h said...

I love these pictures, looks like so MUCH fun!! I am pretty sure I have a picture with spaghetti sauce all over each of the kids at about that age!! Can't wait to see you all in about a month!!

Anonymous said...

Just love the pizza face. Sooo cute!

Lots of Love
Granny C.