Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So Lazy

I have been so lazy about posting on here because I usually just throw my pics up on facebook - it's way faster but I know everyone doesn't have facebook so I will try to keep up with both :-)

We just got back from our trip to Indiana on Saturday night. We drove in Eric and Christina's jeep which was nice not to have to worry about driving late at night. We had a lovely time with everyone and Eóin had a great time trying to entertain us all. He decided to latch on to Erin the whole time we were there and Erin did a great job of being patient and playing with him. There are only so many hours I can sit on the floor playing cars so it was a great break for me!

Eóin's talking was a lot of fun to share with everyone. It was funny seeing him put names to faces and mixing them up :-) For some reason, he is intent on calling Eric "Pappa" too much to the real pappa's annoyance :-) At least the real pappa gets called pappa-buddy.

The food was yummy as usual and I was glad not to be too sick that day :-)

Jonathan's grandparents have a Wii so they brought that along and we played it pretty much all weekend! It was a good laugh.

I totally forgot my camera (duh!) so here are some I stole from Jason's facebook page :-)

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