Monday, February 02, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday, we put Eóin's toddler bed together. He is soooo excited about it :) He did great last night - he only woke up once when his head hung out over the edge and he was too out of it to realize he just had to move over :) We need to work on his staying in bed in the mornings until I say he can get up but otherwise he did so well!
Here are some pics of the big event. You can see the crib in the background - we left it up in case we couldn't get the bed together :) Hopefully we can take it down now and start organizing his big boy room a bit more :)
So excited - I couldn't even get the blankets on.

Climbing in all by himself

The pillow might just be the best part

So excited to sleep in his new bed!

Taking a nap :)


Anonymous said...

He looks sooo cute. I love the one of him getting ready for bed. Hope it works out for you as well....

Granny C.

grandma H said...

I am so glad he likes his bed :) He will adjust quickly. Good luck on getting him to stay in there in the a.m. :)