Friday, October 02, 2009


Quick update on life :-)

Aidan is 4 months old today. It seems to go much faster this time round! He is generally a pretty happy baby. He is ALWAYS sucking on his hand or thumb or whatever he can fit in his mouth. So different from Eóin. I never had to worry about Eóin putting things in his mouth. If it wasn't food, Eóin wasn't interested, but Aidan is a totally different story! He loves to watch Eóin play and really can't wait to be down playing with him. He will try to wiggle off my lap when Eóin and Jonathan are playing wrestling. i usually end up following them with Aidan so he can "play" too. He is so heavy but he loves it - squealing and kicking and laughing the whole time :-) He has some tummy issues. He throws up constantly. I change his clothes at least three times a day and usually mine too! We are going to a new doctor this week so maybe he has more ideas. I think once he starts solids it will settle down some. It's funny because for throwing up so much of his food he is a chubby kid! He has a doc app. this week so I will post his stats then.

Eóin is growing so fast too. Sometimes I think he has grown during nap time! His big thing at the moment is thomas the tank engine. He plays trains ALL DAY. I am becoming quite an awesome train track maker at this stage :-) He always has something funny to say these days too. They have been learning about creation at church and so during the day we will ask him things like "who made the sun" and he tells us "God made the sun". Well one day I walked into his bedroom and asked "Who made this mess" - he didn't even blink - he straightaway said "God made the mess" - oh dear :-)

We have been in our new house now for a month! Hard to believe! We have everywhere painted except two little spots - the entry way and a small entryway between the hall and kitchen. I try to handle one unpacking or cleaning task a day - the rest is already taken up with the kiddos and piles of pukey laundry! It's coming along slowly but surely.

That's us for now :-)

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Casey said...

Aidan is a cutie! Looks like fun and a lot of work! :)