Saturday, November 07, 2009

5 Months!

This week Aidan turned 5 months old! I can't believe how fast he is growing. It's fun seeing his little personality emerge more and more. He is definitely an outspoken child! When he wants something, he has no problem letting me know as loudly as possible - our doctor said he was "opinionated." I forgot to put his stats from his four month checkup. He was 15lbs 14oz. The exact same as Eóin was at his checkup. No idea what he is now - but he is chubby :-)

He loves to move an is hardly ever still. I usually lay him down to play on a blanket in the living room and within 5 minutes he will be 4 feet away facing a completely different direction. This is very new realm to me since Eóin would stay put where-ever I put him when he was that age. Babyproofing will take on a whole new meaning in this house!

He is also very much a people person - if I take Eóin out of the room to change him or get his lunch or something, Aidan will let us know in a hurry that he does not appreciate us leaving him alone! He wants to be part of every game. He loves if I hold him on eóin's level - they just giggle at each other :-) It's so precious.

He has been eating rice cereal for a while now and is doing great - time to add some more flavor to his diet soon. I need to get a video of him at the dinner table with us because he will follow our hand from our plate to our mouth over and over smacking his lips. He really wants to taste whatever we have.

Here are some pics I took yesterday while he was just playing on the floor looking out into the backyard. I love his dark blue eyes - i hope they stay like that :-)


grandma h said...

he is a doll! certainly does have a cute personality :) looking forward to seeing him again!

Ice-Family said...

Okay, so I haven't been to your blog again in FOREVER and let me just say little Aiden is adorable!! Loved reading your update about the Aiden and your boys in general!