Thursday, December 03, 2009

Aidan - 6 Months

I cannot believe my baby is already 6 months old! It has been so fun to watch him grow and develop his little personality. At the docs this month he weighed 18 lbs 3 oz (65%), was 27 inches long (75%), and his head was in the 85th percentile - brainy Caffrey head :-) He also got his first tooth on Sunday morning and he woke up at 5:00am to let us know!

I did this for Eóin at 6 months so I wanted to do it for Aidan too - it's fun to see how their personalities are so different!

Name: Aidan James Harrison
Favorite Food: Formula, Rice cereal, Oatmeal, Bananas (he tolerates peas and sweet potatoes)
Favorite Song: Any song really - He LOVES when I sing to him. When he is having a hard time sometimes it is the only way I can get him to sleep!
Favorite Game: Chasing Eóin and daddy
Favorite Toy: Anything he can chew on!
Favorite Book: "That's not my Kitten" (the compelling sequel to "That's not my bunny") - This was the answer from Eóin's but Aidan loves them too now. He gets so excited when we read!
Other Interests: Rolling, rolling, rolling!!!! He is a mover - he can pretty much go anywhere he wants to go now (just not forward :-), Giggling with big brother

Here is how much he has grown in the past 6 months!

Aidan Harrison
6/2/09 3:07ish

12/2/09 3:27 (I forgot to take the pic - we were having a cuddle)


Jonathan said...

Aw, Karen, you used the American spelling of "favorite" :P

It's funny to see how mobile he is compared to Eóin at this stage, and how he doesn't like to sit up as much.

grandma h said...

I just noticed your new post, it is very cute to see the similarities and differences in the two boys :)

They are both very special and you are such a good mommy!!! I am thankful for you:) and Jonathan :)

Love you!!