Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Aidan - 8 Months

It's amazing to think that 8 months has already gone by since Aidan was born!  He is so fun and loves to laugh with his big brother. He is also a little rascal! Below is an average day in the life of Aidan (I only used the time for the first few minutes as the rest of the day is pretty similar):

7:-00 - Wake up starving. Whine until breakfast is served. (Sometimes he wakes up in a good mood and will play on our bed for a while with Eóin before hunger strikes.)
7:45 - sit down to play in living room
7:46 - Play with wire connecting tv to vcr
7:47 - Get in trouble for playing with said wire
7:48 - Play with curtains (mom is too tired to move me)
8:00 - Find outlet - try to get the cover off (it looks yummy)
8:01 - Get in trouble (Eóin ratted me out!)
8:02 - Play with toys
8:05 - Find lamp wire - that looks yummy too
8:06 - In trouble again

Continue this until nap
Wake up ready for a snack. (cheerios or the gerber toddler puff things - he pretty much inhales them!)
Play in high chair while Eóin plays at the table. 
Throw toys off as fast as possible.
Whine for more snacks.
Just get more toys. (bummer)

Lunch - loves fruit, toast, scrambled eggs...(the less like baby food the better)
Nap - ahhhhhhhhhh

Restart mission of finding dangerous objects until dinner.
Dinner - get as much baby food in my hair, chair and face as possible while gesturing for what is on mommy's plate! 

Play with Eóin and Dad (LOVES his daddy!)

Jammies, bottle and bed - ahhhhhhhh

We love our little adventurer even if we are totally worn out by the end of the day. It is so fun to see his personality really coming through now.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of months as he learns more new tricks to keep me on my toes :-)


Three Hot Totta's said...

He is SOOO cute! You are not alone and the battle of motherhood is worth it, we are fighting to change generations! Your hard work will change his life and others! I am encouraged by you and like always wish we had more time together. Thanks for writing, I'm wondering how a year could have slipped away...Angelina is almost 1!!!

Love Ya!

Three Hot Totta's said...

By the way...I hate the name three hot totta's I set that up after we had Anthony and I do not know how to change it...I was going to have a blog or family journal with that sight...it sounds so stupid... sorry =) LOL!

Anonymous said...

That pretty much sounds like my average day only i've stopped chewing on the tv wire's they where starting to taste metalie :-) love you guy's! I'd go insane with out your post's and of course skype! Keep up the great work :-) Aunty San

Jason Harrison said...

I can't wait to visit so I can mess up the schedule! haha