Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Aidan - 10 Months

I can't believe a month has gone by since my last  update already! Aidan is just showing his personality full force these days! He is always on the go - if he is not right behind Eóin, he is right in front! He decided to skip the real crawling, and instead scoots along like a little monkey on his bottom. He is pretty fast.
Walking is what he really likes to do though. He loves to hold my fingers and chase Eóin around the house. Most of the time Eóin is patient enough to let us catch him now and again. He does pull up usually only in bed and if he is on the floor in their bedroom - Eóin's bed is just the perfect height for pulling up. If If he holds on to anything else he just turns around like he is going to walk - he really thinks he can! Still too wobbly to go it alone but I'd say around his first birthday he'll be cruising right along.
I love listening to him talk now - he is really starting to sound like he is telling me something :-) He has started saying uh-oh and hello (although they sound quite similar).
Here are some videos that really show his funny personality. Apparently, he thinks Eóin is quite the musician!  He dances along to music on tv as well - so funny! Then the other one is him beating Eóin up. I'm so glad Eóin is such a patient big brother :-)

what a goober! this is nap time - he is supposed to be sleeping but he kept standing up shouting "hello"

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grandma h said...

how cute, they get along so well!! Eoin is a very patient brother, so sweet! love the videos!