Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog Tour Book Review: Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon

Kate Evans does not want to settle down and be a wife and mother like every other woman - or at least not just yet. She has a dream she wants to realize - being a bush pilot in Alaska! So she breaks off her engagement, leaves her family behind in Washington and sets off not really knowing what lies ahead. She does know that she is glad to leave bad memories behind her in hopes of starting fresh.
It's not easy for Kate, though. Flying is still a man's arena, and especially in such a hard terrain to fly in, people are cautious about hiring one of the weaker sex.

Kate finally lands a job (no pun intended) and begins the life she has dreamed of. She loves the challenges and adventure and when she comes across a mysterious and handsome stranger living in the wilderness, her job becomes even more interesting! Will Kate overcome her past memories to keep her dream alive, and will she get past the mystery man's walls to find love with him? You'll just have to read it to find out :-)

I really enjoyed this book. Obviously, since people are in old planes flying in dangerous territory, there is going to be danger involved and I found myself almost worrying every time someone got in a plane. It kept me on my toes :-) I liked how Kate and Paul are hiding such similar secrets - that was a nice detail. I also enjoyed learning more about Alaska and it's beautiful landscape. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series when they come out.

Available July 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

Thanks to Revell for a free copy of this book to review!

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Bonnie Leon said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Thank you for the glowing review.

I'm working on book three and promise you a fabulous ending to this series. :-)

Grace and peace to you,