Friday, December 31, 2010

Catching Up Before the New Year!

So today, I hope to get all caught up on family news and then add some book reviews that have been waiting for a while for me to write. News first!

1. Aidan turned 18 months
Aidan has grown up so much in the last few months. He is definitely more little boy and less baby. He LOVES trains and cars and actually probably likes Thomas the tank engine even more than Eóin now.  He is a total snuggle bug and loves to cuddle with his nookie and blankie (this is getting limited to bed soon which I am not looking forward to!). He hates wearing pants and would run around naked all day if I let him. It seems like every time I turn around he has his pants off! At his check-up he was 35% height and weight and 90% head :-)

2. Christmas Celebrations
We had a great time celebrating Christmas with the Harrisons. We had 15 people at our house for Christmas dinner and we managed to get everyone around the table! It was yummy and lots of fun. Eóin especially loved having everyone around. He also loved opening all his presents! The boys are quite worn out from all the fun - it might take them a few days to recover and get used to our quieter schedule again! I lost my camera charger so I don't have many pics from this year - I'll try to post what I have soon though.

3. New Baby
We are expecting our third (and final!) baby on July 31, 2011. When I told Eóin there was a baby in my tummy, he told me that it was only chicken and crackers (what we had for dinner that day). Obviously, he doesn't quite get it yet :-) We are very excited and a little nervous about being outnumbered  - lol

That's about it from around here. I'll try to get pics up soon! Happy New Year :-)

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Happy New Year Chicken!