Friday, July 15, 2011

Catching Up: Aidan's Birthday

Since we plan on being a little more busy in the weeks to come with the arrival of a new baby, I wanted to be sure and make sure that we were caught up on all the events of the past few months.

On June 2nd, Aidan turned two. We had a small family party here at the house and the kids really enjoyed it. Really - they enjoy anything with pizza and cake :-) Eóin and Aidan helped grandma make the birthday cake which turned out sooo cute! I'm glad grandma was here to do that because I would be headed to the nearest store to buy one - cakes are so not my thing!

I posted the pics on facebook already here but here is a short video of blowing out the candles that never made it anywhere past my desktop. (He had a little help from big brother :-)

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