Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Molly's Story

We are so happy that almost two weeks ago, Molly Hope Harrison joined our family. It has been so fun to have our sweet little girl with us. She is pretty mild tempered so far and smiles more than any newborn I have ever seen - obviously not on purpose yet, but lots of practice ones :-)

In case you haven't heard it yet, here is the story of how Molly was born:

It started out a disappointing week, as I was supposed to be induced on Tuesday morning, but the nurse called me on Monday to tell me she had made a mistake and I would have to wait until Thursday. After a morning of crying and feeling disappointed, I finally decided to get over it, after all, as Eóin told me "Molly is not going to come until her birthday"

Wednesday evening, we took the boys to see Cars 2 and then to Chick-Fil-A before dropping them off and Aunty Tina's to spend the night. Then I went home to finish packing my suitcase - I know - you would think being 3 days overdue I would have done it already, but I really hate packing :-)

Thursday morning, we arrived at the hospital a little before 7, only to wait in the waiting room for about 45 minutes while they got our room ready (I was getting a little nervous that they were going to send us home!). Finally we got into our room and filled out paperwork while the nurse tried in vain to find my veins - he he. Finally she got the IV started around 8:30, my doc broke my water, and they started pitocin at 9:00. For the next hour and half I just chilled, watching tv, checking facebook and such. Then I started to feel some uncomfortable contractions so I thought I should probably at least let the nurse know they were getting stronger and to let the anesthesia people know I would want to see them soon.

I am soooo glad I called when I did because they were just about to go into a C-section and once in there, they would not have been able to come for an hour or so. About ten minutes after I told her that, the contractions got strong REALLY FAST! Soon they were about two minutes apart and really painful. Then the anesthesia nurse came in (and she looked like she was 15!), and gave the run down of all the terrible things that could go wrong and signed the paper saying I don't care just give me DRUGS! By this point I was uncontrollably shaking from the pain.

A few minutes after she got everything in, she thought something may have gone wrong, part of me was numb, but every time I had a contraction, Molly pushed off my ribs and I felt like they were cracking - worst pain ever! 15 year old nurse kept shooting more drugs down my back and doing tests on me - I was ready to strangle her! Then the nurse in charge of my care said she had a hunch and she would check me. When she did, she said I was at a nine so she called my doc and they got everything ready to me to push (me still lin pain, with teen/doc still testing and shooting drugs). They said "I don't think the drugs are going to catch up - she is coming." At this point I am begging God to let the drugs work! Well, my doc checks me and apparently the baby moved and I was back to a 7. We all sat there waiting to see if it would change and for a while nothing did so they put everything back together to wait again. I think God must have moved Molly for me because soon after my drugs kicked in and about 30 minutes later, I was a ten and Molly was ready to come :-)

All of this happened in 4 very short hours! It was definitely my most dramatic birth :-) Molly came into the world at 12:26, weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and measuring 19 1/4 inches and we just love her to pieces!


Jenni said...

What an answer to prayer that God allowed her to wait until the pain meds kicked in! :) She's a beautiful little girl. Congrats!!!

Shanti said...

I really enjoy reading birth stories! She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

Jim said...

And Eoin was a prophet. Molly came on her birthday!

Granny C. said...

Just so beautiful....