Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What did you say?

Just some funny quotes and conversations from the boys the last few weeks. Most I have posted on facebook, but I wanted to write them down somewhere I could find them later.

This one was IN FRONT of the church when the boys went up to the front to listen to the children's story.
Pastor Troy: Have you guys ever been on a boat?
Aidan: No, not a boat, but we go in our van all the time.
Eóin: Aidan, they know we have a van.
Aidan: No they don't!!!

This one was on a walk through the park the other day when we walked under an oak tree. Eóin noticed all the acorns on the ground and asked "hmmm do you think a squirrel dropped his lunch?"

Aidan: "Mommy - the floor hit me" (he fell)

One day, I looked at Aidan and his mouth was blue...
Me: Aidan, is that paint on your mouth?
Aidan: Yeah it's so tasty!

Tonight the boys were playing pretending to be animals...
Eóin: I'm a Tapier, I eat grass
Aidan: I'm a frog, I eat chocolate :-)

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