Friday, July 06, 2012

Father's Day Funnies

It's been pretty busy around here trying to keep up with a mobile little girl who loves mischief! I also have been spending my evenings trying to clear out the basement so blogging has taken a back seat. Time for a bit of catch up.

Eóin's class at church made these cute booklets about their dads and Eóin's gave us a good laugh. Here are some of the things in his book (It was fill in blank - his answers are bold):

My daddy is 4 years old. He has black hair and blue eyes. He is 7 feet tall.

My daddy works at the front yard. At his job he plants flowers.

My daddy loves to eat scrambled eggs and toast.

My dad likes to wear underpants.

My dad us SO strong, he could lift a computer.

My dad really loves mommy. (awwww)

If my dad had time he would go to work.

He is smart because he knows how to get pants on.

If I could give my dad anything, it would be a big dinner like a chicken butt. (nice)

They love their dad :-)

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grandma h said...

oh my, that made me laugh out loud...especially the chicken butt :)

So cute too..what a great idea :)