Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Week of Kindergarten

I can't believe this time is here already, but baby number one started school last week! I actually thought it was going to be harder than it was, but I could tell her was ready for the challenge. He was getting tired of our normal routine, less patient with the two other kids who were just acting their age, and certainly was not up for watching any "baby shows" on tv. (Though I will catch him watching sesame street, but hey - I even catch myself watching it too :-)

 I didn't even cry his first day - he didn't even really seem that nervous so neither was I.

He is really enjoying it so far, even though it is a very long day. I would say his favorite subject is math, at least that is the one he talks about the most. They sing a song called "The Number Rock" and it ends with "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." One night he was singing it so much that even Molly was saying "oh yeah" by the end of the night :-)
When I put him to bed that first night and we talked about going back the next day, he just smiled and said, "I can't believe I get to go there EVERY DAY!"

Some of his thoughts so far:

What is your favorite thing at school: Snack time and walk time.
No, I mean what is your favorite LEARNING thing at school : I do learn at snack time - I have to learn how to eat FAST!
What do you do at walk time: We hold hands with a partner and have to walk in a straight line - it's very hard to do that! The teacher has a stop and go sign and we have to pay attention.
Did you have science today?: Yes
What do you do in science: oh you know, talk about stuff (seriously - it's like trying to milk a rock getting details from this kid sometimes :-)

He really enjoyed PE, where they were learning jump rope.
He also really enjoys the bus ride and after a very long wait the first day, they have gotten pretty fast at getting home and it only takes half an hour to get to our stop which is not much longer than if I had to wait in line at the school to pick him up so it's a win win :-)

His teacher is such a sweetheart and is a great communicator. I really feel like I know what is going on in the classroom and I love it! It's going to be a great year :-)

Here are a couple of pics (some I took, some his teacher sent)

standing in line to go to class

 Performance Arts Class

Nice, son! 

Writing in their journals 

 Carpet time. His teacher said he always has a lot to say during this time. Shocker ;-)

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