Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Adventures of Brown Blanket

Whenever Aidan meets a new person, his conversation generally goes like this...

"Hi, I'm Aidan. I have a brother Eóin. He's 5 so he's in school. I'm only 3 so I have to wait to go to school. This is our baby. His (no I did not mistype it) name is Molly. She (sometimes he) is OUR baby."

This is pretty much verbatim what he told the librarian this morning.

Next comes..

"I have a brown blanket. It's at home. I got it when I was a baby."

EVERYONE he meets knows he has a brown blanket! Any time he is not moving, you better believe brown blanket will be with him. It has travelled to Wisconsin, Michigan, Ireland, and pretty much anywhere we go for any length of time. Playing games on the iphone, reading, watching tv - brown blanket is NECESSARY to enjoying any of these activities! It also comes in handy for using his imagination. It has been a road for cars, a sleeping bag for camping, wrapping for "presents" and these - my two personal favorites...

being JESUS!


a superhero :-)

I was laughing at how it is such a part of family life, and how often it shows up in pictures I take of the kids all the way from the first week of his life :-) And now you know about Brown Blanket.

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