Saturday, October 24, 2015

Book Review: Love Everlasting by Tracie Peterson

Abrianna Cunningham has grown up in the care of her three "aunts" at a bridal finishing school in Seattle. You would think that under all that tutelage, she would be more than "finished" and ready to settle down in marriage. But even with her friend - kind, dependable, handsome, Wade Ackerman's interest in more than friendship, Abrianna is still not sure she is ready for all that marriage entails.
Now Priam Welby - rich, smooth and handsome - is also trying to court Abrianna and Wade is not having any of it. Abrianna needs to examine her heart and see what is really important to her because whatever decision she makes will change the course of her life.

This is the second book I've read by Tracie Peterson, and while I liked the first one, this one was just not up my alley. Granted, I have not read the first  two books in the "Brides of Seattle" series. Though I think she did a good job of letting you know that important details of the past books that you would need to know, I did feel like the story would maybe have been more enjoyable if I had read the others. However, I really found the main character pretty annoying, especially at the beginning. The story does pick up about half way through though, and I liked the second half much better than the first. It probably wouldn't go on my "read again" list, but if you like Peterson's writing and want to give it a go, I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning of the season.

Thank you to Bethany House Publishing for a free copy of this book to enjoy and review.

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