Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Go to sleep...

Last night at about 10 o'clock we decided to start putting together the baby's crib. Two hours later we we finally finished. Now the only question is...where on earth do we put the thing 'til we need it? We still have about 88 days till the baby is due but they are definitely going by quickly. Our apartment is starting to look like the kids department in a store!
Next week is our child birth class at the hospital and then Thanksgiving...time flies when you're having fun!


Anonymous said...

Conás atá tú Karen agus (Thomás),

Tá an leaba go deas. Is maith liom é.

Tá me ag obair ag Zemeskis anois.


The Harrisons said...

Dia Duit Mhammai,
Ta me go maith :) Go raibh math agat.
Slan anois,
Karen (agus Thomas agua leanamh)

PS- I have no idea how to do fadas!

Jennifer said...

hey guys, i love the picture of you two playing in the leaves!