Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Turkeys!

I found these three weird looking guys on the way home from Thanksgiving in Indiana. I thought the one in the middle was kind of cute - ha ha! Just kidding! We had a great time with the family over Thanksgiving - lots of great food and fellowship. Karen got whopped in a game of Risk but she fought 'till the last man died (which was okay because it was about time to eat more turkey by then!) We went shopping on Friday (yes we are crazy) and had a pretty profitable day. Jonathan tasted every sample the mall had to offer and we were able to get quite a few pressies. Then we went back to Jonathan's aunt's house for round three of turkey and said our goodbyes. It's hard to imagine that next year our 9 month old son will be with us!!
Now it's back to normal life again - at least for a little while :)

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