Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fairly Good Size??!!!

No pictures today...just a quick update. This week, our baby is officially full term. He can be born any day now and he will not be considered premature. Unfortunatley, he seems pretty comfortable living in my rib cage so he's probably not going to come any day now :) The doctor commented today that he is a fairly good size baby...good news for him, maybe not so good news for me :) Not much else going on in this part of the world except yucky snowy weather and papers for Jonathan. That's all for now.


Ice-Family said...

Well, since you still don't have any comments, I guess I'll comment to say...CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS CUTE LITTLE BABY BOY!!! We pray all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mammay agus Daddy to be. Just thought I'd say "conas ata tu" forget the fadas. Looking forward to babysitting.