Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Only 2 - 4 Weeks Left!

Well - here it is - the long awaited photo of my belly :) As you can see, I am getting tired from carrying all this extra weight around (and because it is night time - not the best picture ever taken of me but you get the picture (ha ha - no pun intended).

We went to the hospital yesterday to pre-register. The people are so nice and the rooms are lovely - it's nice to know what to expect.

We've been keeping busy the last few weeks. Jonathan mostly with his homework...graduation is in sight! Lots of exciting events coming up in the next few months (and you won't be stuck just looking at pictures of my belly for too much longer - I think baby pictures will be much cuter).


Anonymous said...

Well my big oh I mean "little pumpkin", I can see baby wont be long. Soon you will be able to see your feet again. Ha! Ha!

Janna Antenorcruz said...

Karen! Hi it's Janna from Weeks. Remember those days? Anyway I'm still here in Guam. My husband will be visiting in about a week for 15 days and then back to Africa with the Army. Anyway, I'm so happy for your new baby boy coming into this world. Mel Pena gave me your blog address and I enjoyed looking at it very much.I still think of you. God bless, Janna

Ice-Family said...

Great talking with you the other day Karen. You looks so cute! Try to enjoy these last days/weeks of being big!! :)