Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Eóin and Winston

Here are some cute pics from Grandma and Grandpa Harrisons from this weekend. We finally let Winston come a little closer and smell this new little guy. Eóin thought Winston was pretty interesting too :) I just thought the other one was so cute because he looks so chubby :)


Anonymous said...

Hey what are you feeding that guy? He's growing like a weed!
Ah! what a lovely weed he is....

Granny C.

Sandra said...

AWWWWW I think that the weight suits him he looks soooooooooo cute in this pic!!! I want to talk to my little man on the phone so I will ring this weekend guys drop me an email and let me know when you will be in?!? sandra_caffrey@yahoo.com
Keep up the good work guys :)