Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick Videos

Here's some little videos for you. Eóin loves to read. He touches all the pictures in the book. He is just starting to enjoy sitting up so we tried sitting him up in the bath for a while- he had a great time :) I will warn you - he is nakey! :)

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Anonymous said...

First of all, Jon is WAY funnier looking than that duck, so laugh away, Eoin!

Second, I asked MJ today if he wanted a new baby around the house. He said, "No, just get Baby Eoin to live here!"


Aunty Sandra said...

Hey guys am in the airport at the mo so i cant hear the sound but the vid is great!!! you would want to slow down on them bottles though he is starting to look like an umpa lumpa ha but in a good way ha ha well our flight is delayed so we are still in the airport four hours later glad i had a great vid to watch while i was waiting :) miss you all apu will ring when i get back give my nephew a big kiss from me X