Friday, September 28, 2007

Out for a Spin

Last night we decided to go the mall just for a walk and change of pace. We stopped off at the kiddie play area for a while and let Eóin go for a drive (it's great when they are so small they don't realize you didn't put money it so they're not going anywhere - ha ha). Eóin loves cars. He loves to watch them when we go out for walks. He loves to spin the wheels on his toy tractor and everytime a car goes by on our street he stops what he is doing and looks toward the window! It was getting close to bed time here though - hence the blank stares :-)


MommaHarms said...

Man, it's quite weird to see you guys walking around "my" mall - that's the mall I had my first job in! He looks so cute!

Jon and Lacey said...

That's so cute! Yes, it's nice when they're too small to ask for money :) I think I'll tell Taylor that all the cool kids never pay for rides :)

Shanti said...

I think my kids would still love to just sit in those cars even if they weren't going around!! :-)