Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing Outside

Today the weather was so beautiful, that Eóin and I decided to go outside onto the back porch to play for a while. We had great fun. I tried to get myself in one picture but wasn't very succesful. Eóin decided to grab my hair right as the camera went off. I put some better pics of us underneath:)

You can see his poor little red eyes and yucky nose in some pics. Please pray he gets better soon! His medicine had to be special ordered and we should be getting it today - hurray!!


Anonymous said...

such beautiful pictures!! He looks so grown up in his ball cap =) grandma h

James & Aisling said...

He is gorgeous!!! so is mammy :) I love his faces - so expressive.

Ice-Family said...

Such sweet Mammy & Baby pics! Can't wait til it cools down a little here so we can wear some long sleeves and pants. It's still in the 90's!!!

Anonymous said...

I especially love the black and white one. You both look so happy.

Lots of Love
Granny C.

James & Aisling said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!!