Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Like Mammy

Eóin is such a copycat these days it is so funny! He watches every thing I do so closely and when i least expect it, he will do something that he sees me do all the time.
Today, I was in the kitchen and Jonathan called me in to the living room to see Eóin. I had just been folding laundry and he found a dish cloth on the top of the basket and proceeded to start dusting the table. A few minutes later, Jonathan called me back in and Eóin had sat down beside my laundry basket and was "folding" the laundry himself (after pulling it out of the basket). He even patted them down on his lap just like I do!
Here is a video of him "grocery shopping" - He found his own little cart at the store to push around.


Casey said...

That's really funny! Annika pushes stuff around like that, but she does it on her knees.

Anonymous said...

Hey, he is really moving fast. He looks so tiny.
Hope he buys something nice. Hee hee.

Granny C.

The Litwillers said...

Now is the pefect time to start him on "chores". I know it seems early, but if he's interested in copying you, use it to get some help. Matthew started cooking with Rob and helping out around that age and it's now developed into real chores, and he's only 3 1/2!. There's my advice for the year.

Ice-Family said...

What a big helper he's becoming. I'd like to have someone do the job of folding laundry around here! For some reason I can get it in the wash and the dryer but the folding part sometimes is a few days behind. :) Hence the wrinkled clothes!!! Maybe I'll have to teach Isabelle how to fold the clothes!! ha!