Monday, March 24, 2008

The Last Straw!

So today I was talking to Jonathan and Eóin was just wandering around kicking his ball when I notice it is getting very quiet. When Eóin is walking around, he usually talks to himself - he is only quiet when he is concentrating on something...We went to investigate and found this! Apparently his ball stopped right next to my corner cupboard which spins around and Eóin found a jar of straws. He thought they were pretty cool...He thinks anything that makes a mess is pretty cool :-)


Ice-Family said...

I know I always say this but he is so cute!! The pics make me want to just pick him up and squeeze him!!

James & Aisling said...

That's funny... I love his shoes!

grandma H said...

Love seeing him play!!! He is so smart and creative:) haha