Thursday, April 03, 2008


Today, Eóin was a permanent fixture to my legs! He has a double ear infection, allergies, and is getting his molars, so he is a bit clingy. I decided to let him just help me with what I was doing. He LOVED sweeping and was so upset when I put the big sweeping brush away that I gave him a little one. He spent a LONG time sweeping every possible area :-)
I also let him help me make dinner since he always wants to see what I am doing. We were making cheddar biscuits and I gave him his own pile of flour and stuff so he would stop emptying mine onto he counter (grrr). I added a little water for him to make a dough and before I could stop him, he popped the whole thing in his mouth. He must have liked it - he just chewed and swallowed - yuck!
Here are some random pics from the past week or so.

Sweeping for Mammy

Oops - wrong coats!

Making play-doh with Leigh-Ann and Sophie
 (notice I found a good use for the straws Eóin found)


Anonymous said...

Love the big coat. What a little helper he is.

Lots of Love
Granny c.

The Litwillers said...

What a cutie pie! He looks like such a big boy. And I'm glad to see you're cooking with him..Rob would be proud!

grandma H said...

What a sweet little helper! He needs to come and help grandma clean:)

James & Aisling said...

The poor little guy with his ear infections :( That is funny that he ate the dough!