Friday, July 03, 2009

Aidan James Harrison

Wow - talk about way behind! Aidan is already one month and I haven't even announced his birth on here :-( Aidan was born on June 2nd at 3:07 p.m. He weighed 7lbs 14oz (just one oz smaller than Eóin) and was 20 inches long (one inch smaller than Eóin).

They induced me at about 5 a.m., although by the time they tried to find my veins for the IV 3 times it was probably about 6:30 when things really got going. This was definitely a different labor than when I had Eóin. I was really drugged up with Eóin so I really didn't feel a thing - not even them putting in my epidural. With this one I was pretty nauseous the whole time and was way more awake. They started letting my epidural wear off towards the ends and those contractions hurt so bad, it really made me thankful I hadn't been feeling them up to that point. Jonathan was fast asleep in the recliner next to me when I felt like I was going to snap in two. I tried calling him a lot and still couldn't wake him up so I had to call the nurse who checked me and said I was almost ready to push and she would call the doctor to see if we could go ahead a try.
Two minutes later when the doctor came in she checked and was like "actually he is coming right now" - so mad rush of everyone getting ready. Two pushes and out came Aidan. It was so nice to get to hold him right away. With Eóin I had to wait about an hour because they had to suction him out so he wouldn't get meconium in his lungs.
Eóin came a little while later and didn't really know what to think. He was more interested in climbing on the chairs and wouldn't come close to the baby. He just wanted to look from a distance. He wouldn't even sit beside me if I was holding him. We didn't push him and just let him warm up at his own pace.
The hospital stay went well and we left healthy and happy :-)

Here are some links to pics of us at the hospital:

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Jonathan said...

I did wake up eventually, in my defense =)

After he was born, I was standing around with a goofy grin on my face when one of the nurses whispered to me, "I'd bet that'd make a nice picture..." I had completely forgotten my role as daddy journalist in my groggy state!