Friday, July 03, 2009

Growing Boy

I've really been enjoying this past month with my two boys (well three if you include daddy :-).
Jonathan's mam and dad came to visit us the Monday after Aidan was born and then his mam stayed on for an extra week after his dad left. It was nice to have help keeping Eóin entertained while I got used to a new schedule. He enjoyed having everyone around :-)

Aidan grew really well the first week and then lost a little weight the second week, and since then has been growing like a weed! He has gained almost two pounds since he was born. The newborn onesie I put on him today barely fits - I think this will be the last time he wears it! He weighs 9lbs 13oz already!

Eóin has blossomed into a great big brother. It seems like he grew into loving his brother :) First he didn't want to be close, then he helped me burp him, next came rubbing his head, then giving him a little kiss. It took a few weeks before he wanted to hold him though (which is not really a bad thing!) Now he is such a big helper! His main job is giving Aidan his nookie when he is crying. Aidan LOVES Eóin. As soon as Eóin goes over to him he will stop crying and just listen to him - it's so cute! I'm pretty sure Aidan will be spoiled rotten - every time he even wimpers, Eóin runs over to me and says "Mommy - Aidan's crying - let's go check him - come on!" Then he goes over and gives him hugs and kisses and a nookie :-) He is pretty gentle and I keep a good eye on him but so far he has been a big help to me!

Here are more links to pics (I can upload my pics straight from iphoto to facebook which makes it so much easier than to put them on here - Hence all the links)


Adventure Mom Janna said...

I love the new look of your blog and all the fun news about your blog! Two pushes?! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

he is such a doll!!