Monday, August 03, 2009

2 babies?

Eóin has been such a great kid these last few weeks as he gets used to not being the only kid on the block. It has been funny to see how he copes when we are busy with the baby. Curious George has become a very important member of the family. Whenever we are doing something with Aidan, Eóin gets George and takes care of him too. It's so cute! In fact now even when we are not doing something with Aidan, Eóin is putting George down for a nap, or giving him tummy time or burping him :-) Here are some pics of our other "baby"

feeding george (with his sippy cup)
taking a nap in Aidan's bed
I got out of the shower to find George in the swing with Aidan


Casey said...

That is fun! Annika does this w/ her baby dolls.

Anonymous said...

that is so cute...glad he is taking good care of baby George!