Friday, August 21, 2009


I got Jonathan a sailing lesson for his birthday in April and we finally we able to go two weeks ago. Unfortunately I forgot the camera so these pics are just off our phone which also ran out of memory! Oh well :-) Jonathan loved it and I loved the peace and quiet except for the teacher who pretty much taught the whole time. But no screaming babies and right now that's all I require for me to relax :-)

Rigging up the sail (ha ha I have no idea if that is how you say it - I am a bad student)

Jonathan loving it

Wo-hoo we got it up (ok they did - I just sat there)

Steering (which I was doing while they were hoisting the sail - harder than you might think!)

I took a pic of me holding some rigging as proof I did a little bit of work :-)

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Anonymous said...

what a great present!!! Looked very fun:)