Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Aidan - 9 Months

Yesterday, Aidan turned 9 months old! Time is just flying by with this kiddo! He is such a fun kid and really lives up to his name which means "little fire." When he is happy, he is really happy. When he is grumpy - WATCH OUT!  He weighs 19lbs 6oz (He was 20lbs but lost weight while he was sick poor kiddo - anyway that is the 30%), is 28 inches (60%) and his head is in the 92% (big brain). He is really persistent and loves to figure things out. He will sit and keep trying until he has solved his little problems :-)
He and Eóin and usually either bestest buds or worst enemies these days (depending on Aidan's proximity to Eóin's trains usually). Here are a few pics of the boys playing/wrestling :-)

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