Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aidan is 11 Months!

So this is quite a bit late but I missed Aidan's 11 month update.

There is never a dull moment with Aidan. He is always on the move and desperately wants to walk. He follows me around the house using my legs to pull himself up to stand, then grabs my hands and starts walking. He can walk just holding my one hand now but if he is tired he won't go unless I give him two hands :-)
He and Eóin have a love/hate relationship at the moment. They love giggling together and getting into mischief but they have all out knockout fights too (usually over trains or the tv remote). Aidan is usually the one to inflict damage though - he is one feisty kid!
He is getting to a stage where is he really starting to enjoy reading now. He will sit still on my lap for a good few books - I love the extra snuggles :-)
He also LOVES music. He will "sing" and dance along to music on toys, tv, anything :-)

Here is a comilation of videos I have taken over the past few months and forgot to ever put up. The first one is from when he first started to pull up to stand. The only place he could do it was on Eóin's bed so he would scoot down the hall to stand up there.  It's kinda long but I figured the grandma's wouldn't mind. I just wasn't in the mood to edit it much.


grandma h said...

Adorable, i just love it when they laugh together!! Thanks for the can never be too long!

Linda said...

Brilliant video. They are so cute. I love when they play together. I love the way Aidan is a teaser. Keep the video's coming, never too long.