Monday, February 14, 2011

Gotta Love 'Em

We had a pretty fun valentines day around here! Here are some pics of the day's events:

We started by opening a package from grandma! Lots of candy, stickers and cars!

Not too messy considering the huge chocolate heart he just ate!

Eóin asked me to take a pic of his messy hands

But said I didn't need to wash them - he could just lick them :)

Next, we made valentines cards for Daddy

Eóin drew the heart and wrote the word all by himself!

Aidan found the markers and went to town!

When Daddy got home we had a romantic candlelight dinner for four. We had heart shaped meatloaf and pink mashed potatoes :-)

Everybody got a card by their plate with some of the reasons I love them written on it.
Here's what they said (I'll just put a few of Jonathans - he had lots :-)

He is gorgeous!
He has a kind heart.
He makes me laugh.
He shares his food with me :)
He works hard to take care of us.

He also makes me laugh a lot.
He is lots of fun - great imagination.
He can be a very kind big brother.
He does a great job using his words to encourage people.

He is so goofy.
He sings all the time - he lives in his own personal musical :)
He is always excited about life.
He gives great hugs!

I Love our family!


grandma H said...

very cute, thanks for all the pictures! so glad they enjoyed the package and chocolate :) We had heart shaped meat loaf yesterday with pink potatoes<3

love you all, you are such a sweet family !!!

Anonymous said...

Karen that is just beautiful. You come up with such lovely ideas. (Not sure about pink potatoes though):-)

Granny C.