Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sledding Fun

We took the kids sledding today. It started off with quite a bit of crying. First, when we had to get all bundled up which Aidan HATES. Secondly, when we had to walk through the every deep snow and they kept falling down. Thirdly, when Eóin went down on the sled - he did NOT enjoy it.

Finally, we discovered that if they slid down on their bums everyone was happy. So it ended well :) Here are some videos. You can't hear Eóin screaming in the first one, but you can hear me laughing at his screaming - he he.


LearningByReading said...

Thank you for that post. It evokes pangs of nostalgia in me as I can remember throwing tantrums when my mother forced me to bundle up :)

grandma H said...

Love the videos, keep em coming!