Monday, October 03, 2011

Book Review: The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

Clara Endicott wants to change the world. She hates the injustice she sees in the world and so fearlessly and boldly writes to expose them. When one of her stories lands her in more hot water than she ever dreamed of, Clara returns home to write for her Father's publication.

Daniel Tremain wants to change nothing, including the bitterness he has been harboring in his heart for 12 long years. A successful entreprenuer, Daniel plans to use his power and fortune to ruin the people who ruined his home.

Hard to believe that such opposite people could once have been best childhood friends. After 12 years apart, Daniel and Clara again cross paths wondering if they can ever restore what they lost now that they are so different. But there is more at stake than just their friendship as danger and mystery appear at their doorstep!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. First of all it is one of my favorite eras to read about. Then there is the great mystery which keeps you guessing about how all the pieces will fit together. Lastly, I really enjoyed being challenged by Clara's faith and heart for other people. I highly recommend this read!

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