Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Irish Molly

How much do I love having a little girl? A LOT :-)

At her 2 month check up, she was 35% for weight, 75% for length and head size (gotta keep up the big head tradition). She is a complete joy. Always has a smile pretty much every time I look at her and she has the cutest little gurgle and coo. She has been trying to laugh but it keeps coming out as a smiley cough - it's so funny. She does chuckle in her sleep though :-)

She loves to swat at things, and especially loves to hold on to things - she always has something in her hands - her clothes, a toy, my hair!!!

I am totally in love with this little bundle! Here are some recent pics:

She loves hanging out on the changing table.

On Eóin's bed with Stinky the dinosaur

Aidan thought the phone was for her (also that she needed a snuggle with tiger)

Fell asleep with Tiger - so peaceful

LOVE this girl!


Brooke S said...

I love her too!!!

Granny C. said...

She is just so adoreable!

grandma h said...

She is such a joy! Very precious little girl =) Sometimes she really looks like Aidan, other times I see Eoin in her. She is a happy combination of the two boys!