Saturday, December 10, 2011

Harrison Christmas Fail

Eóin was sooooooo excited to put up our Christmas tree! He has been asking me since June when Christmas will be here. During the day, I let them put up the little tree Grandma got for their room and then in the evening when daddy was home, we put up the big one. It was funny to have Aidan "helping." It seems like he has like 8 arms at time like this. He would pick up ornaments faster than we could help him and they were going everywhere! The bottom of our tree just had ornaments shoved in it but he was trying, bless him :-) It's still a bit messy - one of these days I will get around to fixing it. The fail part came when I decided to wait to turn on the lights until it was decorated so we could have a big reveal. It is a pre-lit tree so I thought I had it all plugged together right. Wellllll....not exactly - so our big reveal was a bit funny, but daddy got it fixed and all was well again :-)

How Aidan decorates

Aidan will love this one when he grows up...

taking the tree out

could not be more excited!

Aidan was ready to chop it down :)

just a little messy :-)


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grandma h said...

Thanks for all the pictures and posts, it is so fun seeing them!! Your tree looks lovely and I am glad they had fun decorating their own tree :) Such a sweet family, you are so blessed!